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Selected History of Our Shared Story

brains connected by mechanical bridges

from Rachel Grobstein


Since 1994, Serendip has been assembling blogs, exhibits, message boards, and syllabuses dedicated to public conversations exploring the implications of science education for society. Serendip was conceived as an interacting and developing system, not unlike a living organism.

Serendip hosted a discussion board for the Bryn Mawr College community to process their own personal grief and try to make sense of September 11, 2001. Serendip provided websites for Bryn Mawr College’s Center for Science in Society 2001 - 2010 and College Diversity Conversations 2004-06. More historically...

Serendip is home to many exhibits of conversations between academics at different universities, students as well as professors. Serendip is an open-access publisher; materials on the website are available for noncommercial use with proper citation. Materials from the website have referenced in academic journals, blogs, undergraduate and graduate theses, personal websites, and beyond.

Serendip has been and will continue to be a gathering place for people interested in sharing and revising stories science and science education. The origin of the word place is open space.  So this website is the light of the lighthouse beaming out into open space as Serendip itself gathers people into conversations exploring the potential of the world wide web.