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Please contact us through the form below to propose comments, single page submissions, and pitches for more substantial exhibits that engage with existing materials on the website. Please learn about what Serendip is interested in before contacting us.  


Serendip invites collaboration with individuals and institutions around the world. It is important to note that Serendip is not interested in graphic portrayals of violence and / or sexual activity or hate speech. The website moderates comments according to these guiltiness and will reject for publication any pages or exhibits that violate these guidelines.

Serendip is a diverse and inclusive digital ecosystem and welcomes submissions from persons of color, indigenous persons, LGBTQIA+, persons with a disability, marginalized religious or cultural minorities. This is a portion of the internet that fuels conversations about education, science, digital humanities, play, and exchange, among many others. 

Serendip is a digital ecosystem dedicated to gathering people together for the exploration of science and its implications for art, climate change, disability studies, literature, mental health, pedagogy, social justice, and technology. Since 1994, it has published blogs, exhibits, message boards, and syllabi dedicated to public conversations exploring the implications of science education. It is a gathering place for students, teachers, researchers, and the general public to engage in collaboration, open-ended inquiry, and transdisciplinary projects.

Serendip materials on the website are available for noncommercial use world wide and with proper citation. We aim to foster a conversation about science and its implications for society across socio-economic status. Unfortunately, at this time, Serendip is not able to pay contributors for their work, however, thay may change in the near future. 


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Serendip encourages proposals for projects that continue, expand, or update existing collaborations and exhibits. Revising existing stories to get things progressively less wrong is an important component of Serendip’s mission. The website is not interested in advertising products and services.

Serendip is an open-access publisher. Our process is collaborative. First the communications committee will review submissions (drafts or detailed pitches). Second, communications will suggest edits and discuss how to present the work on the website.  Finally, the piece will be published to the internet and promoted on social media. The website creates clusters of related exhibits, such as: play games, stem high school activities, interdisciplinary course archive, prison + education, re: thinking education, gender studies, disability studies, randomness and chance, two cultures, arts & creativity.

Other ways to engage with Serendip include Facebook, and Twitter @notsalmondip...