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Climate Change

The Last Straw: Eco-Ableism and The Need to Include the Disabled in Conversations about Environmentalism

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A few years ago, I was eating lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, a local Vietnamese-Thai place called Pho Thai Nam. As our waiter brought over our glasses of water and other table’s drinks, something in the cups caught my attention. Each one had a plastic straw placed in it with a little piece of the paper wrapping covering each top. My dad immediately took his straw out, telling me that he wished they had asked if he wanted one since it just got in the way as he drank anyway. I knew that I did not need one either. Knowing how much plastic ends up in our oceans, I felt guilty wasting a straw.

Who Are Serendipians to You?

Serendip co-founder Paul Grobstein wrote that, ‘both science itself, and the human culture of which it is a part, would benefit from a story of science that encourages wider engagement with and participation in the processes of scientific exploration.’ As a digital ecosystem, it is committed to offering a nonhierarchical environment for collaboration between artists, doctors, scientists, students, teachers, and the general public.

Twin Cultures

Serendip is rooted in the belief that the humanities and natural sciences are twin cultures, not two cultures as CP Snow argued. It is a gathering place for people interested in sharing their observations about the implications of humanities for the natural sciences and the implications of the natural sciences for the humanities.

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Serendip is a digital ecosystem dedicated to gathering people together for the exploration of science and its implications for art, climate change, disability studies, literature, mental health, pedagogy, social justice, and technology.  

Recipe for Salmon Dip

This is a term of endearment for Serendip. Salmon dip is a homophonic translation, which is to say that it carries over the sound of the word rather than its meaning. This phrase comes out of the belief that self-reflection constitutes some serious play. (Also the origin of the Twitter handle @notsalmondip).