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Saint Dwynwen’s Day (1/25/19)

by Julia Rose Lewis 


the ferry wife came 

to the silver birch tower 

jean and dorothy 

were through battery layers 

were rescued islands 

only a cinnamon (moon) 


rock makes cinnamon 

bark and root of carrot came 

to cauldron island 

where the witch castes towers 

glass and steel layers 

honey and maryellen 


sybil and edith 

the hens need more cinnamon 

and insect layers 

from saint dwynwen the bark came 

verum to tower 

the old northwestern island 


on llanddwyn island 

ann and karen and honey 

feather a tower 

each woman of cinnamon 

and orange came 

to bathe dust and salt layers 


driven sand layers 

ynys yr adar island 

near saint dwynwen came 

ginger, brandy, dorothy 

mooning cinnamon 

queens and comets white tower 


before the tower 

dust of traveling layers 

tails of cinnamon 

cows grazing through the island 

edith and prudence 

and eels were telling well-came 


from comets to home to the towers of llanddwyn island

the layers: anne and honey and sybil

the cinnamon women came, the cinnamon women came


Andrew and Julia May all the days of your marriage be serendipitous

It's a carrot cake!

image of wedding book cake from the side


Stable Cottages Cakes and Lucy, the baker, who makes the cakes and rescues the hens


The British Hen Welfare Trust


The friend who sent the cake from across the pond

and inspired my jewelry for the day

Earrings blessings eggs oh my!

The jeweler who made the eggs, and rings, and many more beautiful things


The cakes I baked for this dear friend back when she was my professor


William James, pragmaticism, and recipes for an experience

Some earlier egg-periments of mine


Some later egg-periments of mine for the Museum of Futures Photopoetry 2019

curated by SJ Fowler and photo credit Alexander Kell

My Hen Night photopoetry book exhibited at the Museum of Futures

Julia and Luna


SJ Fowler with his egg at the Museum of Futures Photopoetry 2019 opening


A little bit of Welsh History about Saint Dwynwen and her day

Ynys Llandwyn as a peninsula

Very nervous future husband on the day of the marriage proposal

Saint Dwynwen's shrine

view from Ynys Llandwyn

view from Ynys Llandwyn

Twr Mawr right before he proposed

Twr Mawr at a distance

Ynys Llandwyn at a distance