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Critical Disability Studies: Theory and Practice 2020

Judith Scott, Untitled 2004. Fiber and found objects. 18 x 24 x 30.
The Smith-Nederpelt Collection. Copyright Creative Growth Art Center.
Photo by Sarah DeSantis, Brooklyn Museum 

This image shows a sculpture created by wrapping yarn tightly around a collection of found objects, including light blue plastic tubing, black plastic objects that may be disposable coffee cup lids, and white nylon mesh. The most prominent yarn colors are orange, blue, yellow and white.

Welcome to Critical Disability Studies! This is a space for conversation, inquiry, reading, and course logistics, including the logistics of our partnership with the Center for Creative Works. Please keep in mind that it is a public space and use it respectfully. I look forward to seeing you on Serendip as well as in class! 

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