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Final Project: Stories for 1st Graders

acwest's picture

Hi everyone,

It is rare that I feel truly connected to an entire class. Thank you for keeping our learning spaces welcoming and constructive whether we were in-person or virtual. I have attached my slides containing my books and will my videos of me reading them below. 


Rosie King Video

Haben Girma Video

Judy Heumann Video


Have a great summer and I hope you see you all next semester (fingers crossed)!


Madeline Svengsouk's picture

These are so good in every way! The videos made me smile. Bummed that you didn't leave the youtube comments on so I could embarass you though. Missed opportunity. 

acwest's picture

Unfortunately, Youtube turned off the comments because it's content for children. Guess they wanted to keep the trolls away from the kiddos.