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Final Project: Stories for 1st Graders

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Hi everyone,

It is rare that I feel truly connected to an entire class. Thank you for keeping our learning spaces welcoming and constructive whether we were in-person or virtual. I have attached my slides containing my books and will my videos of me reading them below. 


Rosie King Video

Haben Girma Video

Judy Heumann Video


Have a great summer and I hope you see you all next semester (fingers crossed)!

Ambiguity in Disability Statistics and Institutional Research in Morocco

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I have attached both my midterm paper discussing statistics and research in Morocco and the Washington Group Short Set of Questions on Disability. The Washington Group Short Set of Questions on Disability was used in a government-sanctioned census on disability. 


Web Event 2 - What is Activism?

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Angela Meng

Professor Jody Cohen

Unsettling Literacy

9 April 2017

What is Activism?

Resistance? Allyship? Activism?  All of the Above?

            Last week in class, while in our off-campus Praxis site groups, we discussed “activism,” specifically, whether what we’ve doing at our Praxis sites should or can be counted as “activism.” While contemplating the question, one of my classmates brought into the conversation the word “resistance,” and the difference between resistance and activism. We agreed that it can only be considered resistance when we go into prisons to lead workshops, like the ones we did with the youth in the women’s and men’s prisons in Philadelphia, and not an act of activism.

Bilingualism & Biliteracy

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In elementary school, I attended a Spanish language immersion program, housed within a local public school in the neighborhood adjacent to mine. My parents, thinking it would be valuable for me to begin learning another language at a young age, had entered the enrollment lottery and secured me a spot. For six years, I did not walk to school like most of my neighbors, but I took a short bus ride to the next school over with a pretty sizeable group of other kids from my neighborhood attending Spanish Immersion. Spending half the day in English class and half in Spanish, we learned to read and write simultaneously in two languages. I’m sure our parents were ecstatic at this opportunity for their children to become biliterate.

The Capital and Cost of Hair in Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie

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Hair is a physical marker of difference onto which social signifiers are imprinted. Hair of all kinds is reshaped and chemically altered by different processes in order to exploit socially established notions of beauty. In this way, hairstyles and hair function as social capital. Nevertheless, hegemonic interpretations of Black hair and hairstlyes inscribe additional levels of cultural and political meaning onto the ways that Black womyn decide to style their hair.