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Andrew Leland & Rodney Evans Reading & Q&A

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I attended the AndrewLeland reading and Q&A last week! It was a really fun trip to Bryn Mawr! I read Andrew's book, "The Country of the Blind", over Winter Break and absolutely loved it! As he's losing his sight, Leland meditate on joining the blind community and the wider disabled community. I found it to be a beautifully written story about conquering one's  internal ableism and discovering the joys of living a disabled life. Highly recommend! Anyway, event started with a 10 minute reading that was followed by a conversation  Andrew Leland and Rodney Evans, another man experiencing low-vision. A filmmaker by trade, he directed "Vision Portraits", a film profiling several low-vision/blind artists. Skipping ahead, I actually built up the courage courage to ask a question during the Q&A! I was very nervous but I asked Andrew about disability and metaphor. i do wish I'd asked Rodney his views on nondisabled actors playing disabled characters. Nonetheless, it was a fun event and I had a lot of fun!