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Ambiguity in Disability Statistics and Institutional Research in Morocco

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I have attached both my midterm paper discussing statistics and research in Morocco and the Washington Group Short Set of Questions on Disability. The Washington Group Short Set of Questions on Disability was used in a government-sanctioned census on disability. 



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Anna, your paper was super enjoyable and interesting to read! As the only person in our class who engaged with disability internationally, I felt you did a great job with the historical and political context in which disability is situated. I was amazed at the complete inconsistency in percentages of the disabled population in Morocco. (2.3% is no where close to 32%?) Your breakdown of data collection in this context was also insightful as to how data is inherently unreliable and how cultural/religious differences might affect participant response. My only suggestion is that it could have been beneficial to narrow the scope of the data you were assessing, which would leave more room to discuss in depth the implications of this research on lived experience.