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Videography as a Pedogogical Tool


Let's begin by listing the uses of videos in the Classroom:

1.) demos of things that are dangerous, complicated, novel/introduction - the hook!

2.) visiting places virtually

3.) reinforcement in a different medium

4.) assessment or archiving

journaling in a different medium 

student and student collaborative product, reflection, modeling

professional development

learning content 

as tool for making observations over time.

tool for mentoring

distance learning 




What are some of the pitfals and limitations?

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Teachers can utilize great rubrics from the site - teach-nology - to assess their students, individually or as groups, in any subject area. I usually attach the rubrics to the students' work or place it inside of their folders. Students have access to them and they are great to show parents during report card conferences. I have included one that could be used for this activity.
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The reasons for microencapsulation are countless. In some cases, the core must be isolated from its surroundings, as in isolating vitamins from the deteriorating effects of oxygen, retarding evaporation of a volatile core, improving the handling properties of a sticky material, or isolating a reactive core from chemical attack. In other cases, the objective is not to isolate the core completely but to control the rate at which it leaves the microcapsule, as in the controlled release of drugs or pesticides.


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Report Forms for group sensory activity

See two attachments for Report Forms for our Group's sensory activtity
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Another link

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Sensory links

Here are two biology links for sensory systems:

Kimball's Biology Pages

A Sense of Taste - by David V. Smith and Robert F. Margolskee, Scientific American, March 2001.

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Coming to Inquiry Institute

Again, my name is Tola Oronti. I was at the Brain and Behavior institute 2008. I am an elementary school teacher but have been teaching 4th grade for about 5years now. MEET TOLA ORONTI

I expect that in this institute I will learn more about inquiry based-education. INQUIRY

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My name is Deesha Lockett. I live in Willow Grove, PA. I am married and the mother of four children. I am a former teacher of Ivy Leaf School in Philadelphia where I taught first grade. In September I will be teaching Kindergarten at Covenant Academy. I want to use inquiry in my classroom to keep my students motivated and excited about learning in as many subject areas as possible. Inquiry will help to address the different learning styles that students bring to the classroom.
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