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Susan's Introduction

Like other participants in the institute, I am an educator. I have enjoyed the teaching role all my life. I went to a K through 8 inner city public school in Phila and then to a large inner city high school, followed by matricultion at a large city college, Temple U. in Phila. I lived at home and spent my free time working to earn money at various jobs on and off campus. During all these years, from grade 4 on, I help other students in my classes. In college, I tutored and also volunteered as a reader for the blind. To put my husband through professional school, I worked as a technician in a research lab at UPENN. There, I developed a sence of myself as a capable scientist and teacher. When my hsband graduated, I began my graduate education. I

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Let us know about yourself and include some thoughts on the following questions.

What is open-inquiry pedagogy?


In the model of open-inquiry, let me pose a the following questions to you:

  • What does inquiry mean to you?
  • How have you or how would you like to use inquiry-based education in your classroom?
  • What other concerns or thoughts do you have regarding inquiry and its role in education?


Post your answers in the forum below. (To post immediately, please sign into Serendip Exchange at the bottom of the right hand column. Sign in with Firstname Lastname, password = summer2009).



Exploring the Senses


Go to the following Friday's In the Lab web site for instructions on the Two-point discrimination, Olfactory Fatigue and Visual preception.

Jelly Bean Taste Protocol



Kimball's Biology Pages

A Sense of Taste - by David V. Smith and Robert F. Margolskee, Scientific American, March 2001.

Seeing with your tongue 

Diversity Puzzle


Link for the "The Organism Puzzle Pieces"


Exercise #1: Organize the puzzle pieces into any number of groups you see fit.

  1. How many groups did you have?
  2. How did you define your groups?

Exercise #2 : Organize the puzzle pieces into groups based on ______ (Fill in the Blank).

  1. How many groups did you have?
  2. What organisms changed groups compared to your first schema?

Exercise 3#: Repeat #2 as many times as necessary with different criteria.

Participant List


Albers         Teresa                                     Overbrook Elementary



Inquiry Institute: Implications for Science, Education and Learning
(July 20-31, 2009)




Simplifying Inquiry Instruction. The Science Teachers. Oct. 2005. p.30-33.

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