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Please post your reflections on Joyce's circuits lesson in the forum below.



Three loops, conflict and classroom dynamics.

In preparation for an activity on Thursday, please re-read the comments for Paul Grobstien's presentation of the "Three Loops of Understanding" and read "The Balanced Story Model" by Bharath Vallabha.

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Creating self awareness in the classroom

I found that Allison's lesson was interesting. I'm not a biology person, so having a lesson that was grounded in my life experiences was a welcolmed change. Since I'm teaching kindergarten this year I will have to mofify the lesson.  In the beginning of the year I will ask them to draw of picture of what they want to do in school. I will then ask them to draw a picture of what scares them about school. I then want them to draw of picture of what they want me to do in school.  I will then ask them to share their pictures in a group and I will walk around discussing their pictures with the kids. Afterwards I will bring them to the floor and with volunteers, create a chart recording children ideas about their pictures. Finally, I will summarize the leasson and chart.

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seeing if its working

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