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Final Thoughts

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  • Inquiry is the pursuit of meaning and understanding.
  • It starts with a question or conflict within an individual.
  • Questions never occur in a vacuum, they are always set in a context  or develop from an observation.
  • Individuals create meaning, but always do so within the context of the social and interpersonal.
  • Therefore, inquiry is never truly open-ended.  It is always guided; guided by physical context, personal internal context and cultural, interpersonal context (The Three Loops).

Given this set of assumptions about how meaning is created within and between individuals; I as a teacher will be more mindful of:

  • the context in which my lessons and curriculum are situated. 
  • As I develop new inquiry lessons I will ask, what is this lesson really about? What is going on in students own minds if I ask this question?
  • And what will happen to the culture of the classroom and the learning environment if I ask these questions.



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