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Monday Review

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Please share your opinions of the following prompts with a neighbor:

“The essence of inquiry-based learning is that children participate in the planning, development and evaluation of projects and activities.”  … From

“We can provide the opportunities, but I cannot figure out how to force anyone to learn or force anyone to want to learn.”                …Edward

“We all know the saying you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink”     …Diedra


Grades promote a culture of distrust between teacher and student, between teacher and parents and between parents and students.



Finally, reflect on the prompts that I generated from reading the postings from all of you.  What do they say about my biases?  What questions are most on your mind at this point in the Institute?  What more would you like to explore?  How (by what method) would you like to explore it? What is working for you and what is not working so well for you?



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7/27 AM & PM Lab Observations re: Brassica Plants

Dr. Nix and I agreed that the observation of Mrs. Theriot and I is true, that this lesson is adaptable for any grade level and or group of students in any setting, even when having to change the variables such as plants to voices, after school rather than in school, etc.

Dr. Nix discovered, upon futher inquiry, that there is a Brassica tea and juice, wondered if they were from the same plant.  Her research revealed that all is connected via the mustard cabbage family.  Ah ha...yet another set of connections.

One conclusion is that it is not only good for the caterpillers, but good for us too.  Question:  is the variety the same or is there a variety specially for human consumption?  This too seems to be a part of our food chain and pyramid.

Tea, known for its healing and soothing properties, is a proven tonic for the voice; as well as digestion, blood purification, etc.  This is information relative to Dr. Nix's choir and my client needs.  Yes, even more research is needed by us to give true credibility to our respective disciplines.  Yet, the basis for adapting and including is evident.

How connected are we in and as the environment?  Well, we are seemingly connected to the cabbage white butterfly...


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I have a question...please help...

How can we PLAN an INQUIRY lesson if it should be driven by student's questions?  How much background information/many materials should we provide beforehand? 


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I thought that Kathy made a

I thought that Kathy made a great point today.  A suggestion that I have is to look at websites with possible science lessons (or other applicable lessons), then to sit together with teachers in the same grade-levels (as Shoshana suggested) and create an inquiry-based lesson from an already-created lesson plan that may or may not be inquiry-based.

Alphabetical List of Lessons by Grade Level

Science Lessons Separated by Grade Levels

All Types of Science Lessons


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Inquiry To Date

Can you locate a video that shows teachers using inquiry in the classroom? Let's watch this and comment on the plusses and minuses of what happened. Jill said that she would take the subject and ask her students what they would need to complete the task at hand- if you get kids talking about the materials and how they will interact to complete the lesson, then Jill says kids really are planning the lesson.

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Disclaimer: I have not

Disclaimer: I have not previewed any of these, but I thought they might be interesting to think about on a personal level.

Two teachers in a 3rd grade and Kindergarten enviroment:

This is a college inquiry-based science lesson,

Short elementary science inquiry lesson,

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