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Grant Proposal for Interactive Interdisciplinary Inquiry Institute

Specific Aim / Goal: A few sentences on the educational goal/outcome for my students.

First of all my students are highly visual. They respond better to learning materials presented to them on the LCD projector, documentary on TV and short presentations in form of skits. With this in mind my main aim is to depend less on the use of textbooks, tests and other printed materials and move towards performance based learning and assessment.

In addition, I intend to use audio equipments like CD players so that they can record lectures which they can listen to at their own time and also for playing back pre-recorded textbook information that come with core subject textbooks.

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Brain and Behavior Curriculum proposal

The Brain and Behavior Institute actually helped me to put myself in the position of my students and experience how it feels to be a student in a classroom with the Inquiry mode of learning. Most of the learning experiences we had were done through questioning and one form of hands-on activity or the other. On several occasions when the topic for the week or even the day was being introduced using the lecture mode, I feel very impatient waiting for the time we are going to be doing related activities on the subject. This is the situation with our students. They can’t wait to do something hands-on (Kinesthetic learners) or watch a video/teacher demonstration (visual learners) in order to enhance their learning.
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Dna, Heredity and Mutation



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The reasons for microencapsulation are countless. In some cases, the core must be isolated from its surroundings, as in isolating vitamins from the deteriorating effects of oxygen, retarding evaporation of a volatile core, improving the handling properties of a sticky material, or isolating a reactive core from chemical attack. In other cases, the objective is not to isolate the core completely but to control the rate at which it leaves the microcapsule, as in the controlled release of drugs or pesticides.


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Ecosystem Stability



The balance of population in an ecosystem is a function of the population ratio of its producers, primary and secondary consumers.


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Survival of the fittest





“Over time a society or community of living things will gradually gravitate towards a form of organized setup (beneficial or detrimental) without necessarily having any external input. "Babatunde Oronti 2008"

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It's me again............


I teach Biology in Olney High (705) School. I've been teaching there since 1997 and I don't regret any part of my experience so far.

I'm unique in the sense that I'm genetically "wired" different from everybody else in the program. This will enable me to bring contributions and ideas exclusively different from everybody else's.

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The Ultimate Scientist.

For some time I have been having some raging thoughts in me about the conflict that exists between the idea of the almighty and everlasting God who created everything and scientific theory of evolution.

I'm beginning to come up with thoughts that can amalgamate the two. The most probable solution to this problem or let me say confusion is to accept the fact that God is the ultimate scientist who gives us ideas out of His infinite stock (which we refer to as discoveries and inventions) in bits and pieces whenever he wants. This is strictly at His discretion.

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