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The Ultimate Scientist.

Babtunde A Oronti's picture

For some time I have been having some raging thoughts in me about the conflict that exists between the idea of the almighty and everlasting God who created everything and scientific theory of evolution.

I'm beginning to come up with thoughts that can amalgamate the two. The most probable solution to this problem or let me say confusion is to accept the fact that God is the ultimate scientist who gives us ideas out of His infinite stock (which we refer to as discoveries and inventions) in bits and pieces whenever he wants. This is strictly at His discretion.

For example all the components of a laptop have been in existence from the time the earth existed. However no one thought of putting them together untill around ten years ago. Another example that comes to mind is a new move to use hydrogen atom extracted from water to power automobiles in place of gasoline.

This idea or line of thought can be used to explain why nothing is constant in nature and we are always undergoing one form of development or the other. Also technological inventions have always been coming all through the human ages and there seems to be no end to it.

Hopefully, Godly and scientific explanations for our existence on earth and our final destination will eventually undergo a merger sometime in the future. I have no idea of when this merger will take place. In the meantime I believe scientists should keep on exploring, experimenting and hopefully getting it less wrong.


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