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Brain and Behavior Curriculum proposal

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The Brain and Behavior Institute actually helped me to put myself in the position of my students and experience how it feels to be a student in a classroom with the Inquiry mode of learning. Most of the learning experiences we had were done through questioning and one form of hands-on activity or the other. On several occasions when the topic for the week or even the day was being introduced using the lecture mode, I feel very impatient waiting for the time we are going to be doing related activities on the subject. This is the situation with our students. They can’t wait to do something hands-on (Kinesthetic learners) or watch a video/teacher demonstration (visual learners) in order to enhance their learning.

Pre-college education can be improved greatly if teachers are exposed and properly trained to meet the educational needs of the population of students that now get admitted into our K-12 schools.
With reference to my earlier writings, the students we teach presently learn through various modes and unless they are exposed to as many of these modes of learning as possible, we can’t expect them to achieve in our classroom and be successful.

In order to achieve the above objective, that is to improve pre-college education, I intend to utilize audio-visual equipments in my classroom to teach my students in the coming school year (2008-2009). The audio-visual equipment I have in miind is a LCD projector. This is an equipment that will be useful in all my science classes ((Biology, Anatomy and Environmental science). It will help a lot to demonstrate what goes on at the microscopic level in the cell, body system and organ using this virtual reality equipment. In addition I can “take” my students on a virtual trip to anywhere in the world or even the universe.

The cost of a LCD projector with a laptop is around $1500. The $200 will serve as part of the payment for the whole unit.