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It's me again............

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I teach Biology in Olney High (705) School. I've been teaching there since 1997 and I don't regret any part of my experience so far.

I'm unique in the sense that I'm genetically "wired" different from everybody else in the program. This will enable me to bring contributions and ideas exclusively different from everybody else's.

I'm a scientist because I'm always inquisitive about what's going on in my environment and concerned about how to make life better for people I meet along my path in life. One of my goals for the incoming school year is to generate some curiosity in my students that will make them want to know more and contribute more to what goes on in my classroom.

The problem I think we have with our schools, district and the nation as a whole is communication gap between the classroom and the outside world. Many individuals who don't have a clue about what goes on in the classrooms are the ones that formulate policies on how a typical classroom should be run and organized.

My main hobby is tourism. The only parts of the globe I've not visited are, Australia, Asia, and South America.