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Brain and Behavior Institute Grant Proposal

Describing some aspect of my experiences with the
Brain and Behavior Institute '08

One thing that stood out for me in the institute was the way the professor and his co presenters made us realize that each and everyone of us is unique in our own way and that when we let everyone bring his own individuality into what we are doing the products of our endeavor will be unique. This will lead to new ideas being generated in the world of science.

The institute brought out the creative ability that had hitherto been lying more or less fallow in me enabling me to come up with tangible contributions to discussions or even ideas that were of great benefit to my group in general and the whole body of participants in general.

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         I discovered that children can learn much from using their senses to help them associate words with their experiences.

It is always a challenge for students to verbalize their thoughts and experiences. With the following activity {USING THE SENSES TO WRITE A DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY.}they will find it a breeze to write down what they are thinking or experiencing. Working in groups will also facilitate cooperative learning.   

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Coming to Inquiry Institute

Again, my name is Tola Oronti. I was at the Brain and Behavior institute 2008. I am an elementary school teacher but have been teaching 4th grade for about 5years now. MEET TOLA ORONTI

I expect that in this institute I will learn more about inquiry based-education. INQUIRY

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Teaching Boys and Girls Separately

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Even girl chimps learn faster than boy chimps

         Wild chimpanzees at Gombe National Park in Tanzania love to eat termites. They make tools out of flexible stems and grasses, which they poke into termite mounds to pull out the yummy bugs. Termite fishing isn't easy, however, and park researchers wanted to know how young chimps learned the skill.

The new study has demonstrated there is a distinct difference between how quickly females and males pick up this cultural trait, even though mothers showed no preference in teaching sons or daughters.

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My name is Tola Oronti, a 4th grade teacher at Feltonville Intermediate School which is part of the School District of Philadelphia.

I describe myself as a practicing scientist in my everyday life. This is because I am a problem solver in every area. Both in my classroom and out in the real world, I am always confronted with problems but a unique feature about me is that I try my best to solve such problems instead of sweeping them under the carpet.

brain & behavior institute 2008

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Tunatol Story Writing

Whether my student is a boy or girl, he or she can still use some help in writing. This lesson is to help students use their personal experiences for writing their own stories.

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Drop out rate - Whose is higher? {Boys or Girls}

  • Observers have long suspected that the graduation rate for boys is significantly lower than that for girls. Now there is enough information to allow us to estimate graduation rates using our method for boys and girls separately.

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Differences in gender make boys and girls learn differently

I am seriously considering all that happens with my students' behaviors. My girls appear to be milder in behavior than my boys and they get better grades too.

  • From research according to an article :Mars and Venus in the classroom,

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