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Another Alice Alternative

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 I didn't mention this in class the other day because I could not remember the title of the movie but I there is an excellent film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland that was not mentioned. I had never read Alice in Wonderland before and so I never truly understood the movie but it very orientated around Alice. The movie is called Phoebe in Wonderland and it is kind of new (2008) and it has some well known actors even though the movie is independent and was never in theaters. I already spoke to Anne and she said this was fine. The movie is about a little girl who can't seem to follow the rules and she only feels at home when she is playing Alice in her school play. She also has intense hallucinations that actually involve the red queen etc. The actual Alice text is quoted like a million times in the movie. I am sorry for the lame summary but I don't want to spoil it for you.

this is the link to the movie if you want to check it -->

this is the link to the trailer -->

P.S. If you do find time to see it I hope you enjoy it!


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 I really loved "Phoebe in

 I really loved "Phoebe in Wonderland," and I think it would a great addition to class.  Hopefully we can tie it into the syllabus somehow?

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