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Get wet, all wet

wanhong's picture

It is cloudy today.

The ground was moist and I could almost feel water flowing in the air, up towards the sky.

Human body has density that almost equal to that of water, and according to some biologists/anthropologists, human species originated from the ocean.

Water could construct a key connection between human and nature.

When we think about water in biology class, we came up words like solutions, osmosis, and homeostasis.

When we think about water outside class, we related water to life in other ways. We drink water, we swim in water, we see rain formed by water.

For many times we have heard "water is the origin of life", but we didn't know why. Because we cannot live without it, or because we are composed of it?

Perhaps we don't need to know why. Perhaps we should just have it, touch it, feel it.


A drop of water is transparent

yet no one sees it through

Get wet in the rain and have fun

whenever we could.


Dews make me wet

when tears are not dried

I do not wish to see sun shine

for one second in my life