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Critique a lesson

Here is a website for a lesson on pollution:

how people affect the environment

how pollution affects plants and animals

how to get rid of waste at school

I think this is a topic of interest that students would have a lot of thoughts and questions about

It gives students an opportunity to share what they currently understand about pollution and discuss the different experiences they have with litter and pollution in regards to the different environment they live in. The activity of collecting samples of trash around the school gives opportunity to make surprising observations of items they might not expect to find at school.

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My name is Deesha Lockett. I live in Willow Grove, PA. I am married and the mother of four children. I am a former teacher of Ivy Leaf School in Philadelphia where I taught first grade. In September I will be teaching Kindergarten at Covenant Academy. I want to use inquiry in my classroom to keep my students motivated and excited about learning in as many subject areas as possible. Inquiry will help to address the different learning styles that students bring to the classroom.
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