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What We Have Done!

This was an exciting year for inquiry.  My students and I took what we learned this summer and included it from the first day of school.  My students became out of the box thinkers and they were able to look at old ideas in new ways.

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My Grant Mini Project 2010

The purpose of my lesson is to build up conversations in science and allow my students to use and develop a better understanding of science by expressing what they understand and why they learn the way they do.  I want my students to think about how they individually learn so that they can remove some of the misconceptions.  This process will help them to become better learners.  The lesson will begin with the students being given a general science question such as why are leaves green and asked to talk about it with their partner for about 5 minutes and write down what they have learned from each other and then share it with the rest of the class.  Then we will begin to explore what they wrote about through experimentation using&#1

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Mini Project Page 2

Open-ended definition Here you have a very simple definition of what open-endedness is and how it is done in not just a classroom but also in everyday life.  The purpose of this mini- project is to look at how effective are we in using this tool to help our students learn not just stuff in school but become life-long learners.

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Judith's Sudoku table

 Date  Time Thoughts 
 7/19  35:00m  still having trouble
 7/20  33:00m  need a lot of help
 7/21  35:00m  still not completed one
 7/21  19:45m  I got one finished Yeah!!!
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Brain, Science and Inquiry Institute Index Page Summer 2010

Welcome to my Newer Index page!  Here you will be able to get to understand the journey in which my brain has taken over the years and how inquiry and using open-ended activities has changed the way I teach.  I teach science in an urban school in Chester PA.  I want to focus this web page as a challenge to engage my students to think and learn not just memorize information!  Your are welcomed to add your suggestions and I encouraged you to come on this journey with me!
Mini Project page 2
My Mini Project Page
Sudoku Journal Table

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Mini Project Page 1

Daydreaming Reading this article helped me to see myself as a creative person but is there more to daydreaming than this?  Am I becoming a secret creative designer that will actively observe and in my subconscious start to create and report back to my conscious a masterpiece of ideas that will "wow" or go "poof" or is this just another Daydream"?.........This is the point of my mini project to explore the unconscious and conscious resources of the mind and try to use this information to help students learn and think to prepare for the process of life.   Read on

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Updates for Inquiry and Brain and behavior Fall 2009

Hello all!  I am going to update you on the progress of how I used Brain and behavior and the Inquiry institutes in my classroom.  We started the year with Inquiry and learning about boxes within boxes.  My students were able to play and explore using their own senses and try to make sense of what they were trying to make sense of, the science curriculum.  I am going to upload pictures which help explain what we did! 

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My Home Page for Inquiry 2009

Hi! I teach science 7-9 and I enjoy these institutes!  I teach inclusion with developmental challenges from emotional support to learning support in Chester-Upland School District.  I am looking for cool ideas to challenge and engage my students using multi-intelligences!

Some of the most pressing issues I have for my class is to get them to think outside of the box!  Trying to motivate them to use their strengths in the classroom and become more positive; to bury the past and look for a brighter future!


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Home page for Brain and Behavior

Hi!  Welcome to the Brain of Judy!  I teach therefore I am!  I bring to this summer institute:  Fun!; Inquiry!; Willingness!; Eagerness to Learn New Ideas!

 Using multiple intelligences in the classroom! 

Howard Gardner: Theory Behind it!

Understanding the Multiple Intel Project

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