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Brain, Science and Inquiry Institute Index Page Summer 2010

Welcome to my Newer Index page!  Here you will be able to get to understand the journey in which my brain has taken over the years and how inquiry and using open-ended activities has changed the way I teach.  I teach science in an urban school in Chester PA.  I want to focus this web page as a challenge to engage my students to think and learn not just memorize information!  Your are welcomed to add your suggestions and I encouraged you to come on this journey with me!
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My Mini Project Page
Sudoku Journal Table

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Replacing blame with generosity in classrooms, inquiry, and culture

Interesting conversation this morning growing out of, among other things, "The Design of Learning Environments," Chapter 6 of How People Learn, together with some college student comparisons of experiences in their own courses with observations of elementary school classes at a local K-6 Quaker school.  The upshot was, for me at least, a clearer understanding of what one needs to do to create not only more effective learning environments in classrooms but more humane exchange environments generally.

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