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Mini Project Page 2

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Open-ended definition Here you have a very simple definition of what open-endedness is and how it is done in not just a classroom but also in everyday life.  The purpose of this mini- project is to look at how effective are we in using this tool to help our students learn not just stuff in school but become life-long learners. Understanding what inquiry is and how it can be used is Key.  HASTI convention has an innovative why of explain this.  The presenter gives you a usable power point to help the teacher and student understand what inquiry is and is not.  It has  richness of layering.  I will try this in the fall.  The Brain and Inquiry institute gives you a sense of wanting to get inside of not only your students but also your own brain to try to make sense of the world around us.  I will place a simple lesson plan that I want to use with this inquiry.  My goal is to take this lesson plan and make it more inquiry based.