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Interactive Brain Learning

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Interactive Games



Step one- Have fun time to explore how we think!

Environmental Games


Brain Pictures

Puzzling Games for the Brain

What do you see? Polluted water?

Step two- What is the Environment?

California Fires

Carbon Emissions


Step Three: Take a trip on the Prairie

Time for a play break!

Back to Work!

Step Four: Sample Scratch Hollow Halls

Step Five: Another Example Horsing Around!

Step Six: Now it is your turn with your group to create a scratch adventure.

Rubric for your project: 4- Have fun, use all your creative ideas that your group developed that shows the environment. 3- Have fun, use 3 or less creative ideas that your group developed. 2- Have fun, use 2 or less creative ideas that your group developed. 1- Have fun, use 1 creative idea that your group developed.