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Inquiry Proposal

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I would like to investigate methods to get underrepresented groups intersted in pursuing exclusive fields such as the STEM fields. By using my observations from my praxis placement at Adelante, I would be able to look into current practices in outreach to Hispanic middle school students in Norristown Pennsylvania. Some questions I will keep in mind are: what are the benefits of starting college preparation in middle school vs. waiting until high school?, How can we teach science in a way that is more accesible to a broader range of students?. From this information that I gather from my observations and outside research I will write a reasearch paper or ciriculum.


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underrepresented groups in STEM


Great topic.  Keep in mind as you begin investigating how broadly or narrowly you want to focus.  For example, there's a whole literature on college access that is somewhat distinct from the literature on accessible STEM preparation.  Good idea to start with what you're learning through your placement, and you might want to focus on Hispanic students generally or even specifically on Hispanic middle schoolers, depending on what/how much you find.  A few years ago Victor Donnay organized a conference on these kinds of questions at Bryn Mawr, and I'm thinking you might email him and also Bonnie Hallam, who did the administrative work, to see if you could get ahold of key references from that event.