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This week at my site I wasn't quite sure what to do or what to think about.  So I decided that I would just play around.  I took off my boots and socks and walked around barefoot and played with shadows.  Despite being not much of a nature girl, I love feeling the grass and the earth underneath my feet.  During the summer I am constantly in my parents' backyard with no shoes on.  The earth was cool underneath my feet. It was hard but at the same time it had a comfortable give.  I felt cushioned.  The hills and valleys hidden in the grass were also a lot easier to sense with barefeet which I thoroughly enjoyed. Below is the visual documentation of my fun.

























































 I found watching the video I made with the song "The Garden" by Mirah was cool.  Oddly enough, my steps and the beat of the music almost match up.  You can look up the song on YouTube and play the two videos at the same time.

See video