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Notes Towards Day 9: Workshop on anti-self-portraits

Anne Dalke's picture

Today, Laura Swanson will be conducting a workshop with us
(and with Kristin Lindgren's "Portraits of Disability" class @ HC)
on making (anti) self-portraits.

We will meet from 2:30-4 in Stokes 102 (the Humanities Center room) @ Haverford.
Rachel is driving a van that will leave Pem Arch @ 2:20, for those having classes just before.

On Wed @ 4:30, Laura will give a public talk in Stokes 102 @ HC: "Resisting Representation"

On Thurs, 10/3:
we will continue the workshop w/ Laura, in English House Lecture Hall
where "Portraits of Disability" folks will join us,
and where you will present your "anti-self-portraits" to one another...
working on them will be your homework for that class...

7-9 p.m. on Thursday evening, again in EH Lecture Hall: Laura will also offer a portrait
session (you can sit for your portrait w/ her...also not required but highly encouraged!)

by 5 p.m. on Sun, 10/6: your first 5-pp. web "event" due, on self-representation
(perhaps, but not necessarily, including the 'portrait' you've just made,
and commentary on its "gendered"/ungendering qualities...)