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After several weeks of waking up at 7am only to find it darker than I would like for my site (or "sight") sit, today revealed the effects of falling back last weekend. The difference in light, combined with our recent LaDuke readings, made me think back to a storytelling gathering I went to at the United Indians Daybreak Star Cultural Center in Seattle…


How Raven Brought Light to the World

Raven was a shapeshifter. Like magic he could turn himself into a man from a bird and back again. Long ago there was a selfish Chief who lived alone with his daughter. The Chief was the guardian of all the light in the world, but loved only his daughter and so kept all of the light in the world hidden away. 

Now Raven was very tired of always bumping into things and seeing all the people on the Earth cold, so he turned himself into a white bird and so pleased the Chief’s daughter that he was invited into the longhouse. When Raven saw all of the light inside of the Chief’s longhouse he stole the light and flew through the smoke hole into the sky. He hung the sun high up in the sky. It was so bright that he could fly far far away, across from the sun, and hang up the moon and scatter the stars in the sky. Raven still had fire left, so he flew back down to Earth with the stick of fire in his beak. When he got closer to the Earth he dropped the burning stick on the rocks for the people there. That is why now when you strike two stones together, fire comes out.

The smoke from the fire turned Raven’s feathers black. That is why Raven is now a black bird, and how the people of the Earth came to have light. 



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Thank you

I just wanted to say a big thank you for posting this wonderful account of your connection with Raven's. I managed to find your site through this link: Raven I had a stange dream about a raven falling on me. It was wonderful to hear this account of how ravens were bought into this world. Thank you once again, through that dream website and your account it has given my dream greater meaning. I also love the drawing you have and would love to know the artist. Thank you Serendip for your raven account.