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Inquiry proposal

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I’m really interested in exploring different models of teaching and grading (specifically mathematics teaching) that can help foster motivation and deepen thinking about the subject matter. Math can be seen to be a very unbiased subject, with very few social factors coming into play into the classroom. Math also is often a troubling area for some students because there is very little connection to “real life” and students often do not see the importance in learning mathematics. Drawing on the idea that not all students learn and think the same, I would like to explore the implication of a project based teaching model in order to address different “types” of learners and create culturally relevant lessons for students. By assigning students tasks that they're personally invested in and are able to see the "point," they'll be more personally invested in their own learning and in turn, gain a better understanding of the subject matter.  


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I am interested too

I am a computer science teacher.
I am also a blogger at this website:
I fact, i participate in the java tutorial of that website.
I am interested in learning new teaching approaches.
So, feel free to contact me if you have any proposal.

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math and bias and real life


Kumashiro also points up the math that math "can be seen to be a very unbiased subject," and I'm hoping that his section of teaching math will be a place to start and perhaps help direct your thinking.  I know you're familiar with Bob Moses and the Algebra Project.  And there's a good article by Eric Gutstein that I'll email you.  And I know there's lots else out there.  Victor Donnay could also be helpful in pointing you to fruitful material...  And make this as useful as you can to your upcoming work in the profession!