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Judith's Sudoku table

Judith Lucas-Odom's picture
 Date  Time Thoughts 
 7/19  35:00m  still having trouble
 7/20  33:00m  need a lot of help
 7/21  35:00m  still not completed one
 7/21  19:45m  I got one finished Yeah!!!
 7/22  15:53m  Getting better! I have completed another one
 7/23  16:00m  Even though I am able to complete them, I still feel uneasy about them because it takes me so long to finish one!
 7/24  16:00m I am still completing them but I feel that I am not progressing
 7/26  16:00m  I have not progressed past this time, I am overly cautious about getting things right
 7/27  16:00m  Still overly cautious
 7/28  15:00m  time is better but still cautious about finishing quicker
 7/29  15:00m  threshold reached
 7/30  15:00m  Still hangin in