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My Home Page for Inquiry 2009

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Hi! I teach science 7-9 and I enjoy these institutes!  I teach inclusion with developmental challenges from emotional support to learning support in Chester-Upland School District.  I am looking for cool ideas to challenge and engage my students using multi-intelligences!

Some of the most pressing issues I have for my class is to get them to think outside of the box!  Trying to motivate them to use their strengths in the classroom and become more positive; to bury the past and look for a brighter future!


Inquirying minds want to know:  Activities to generate ideas about learning styles using metacognition and multiple intellingences. What you need to know!  What the Experts say!  Take a Learning Style survey!

Something to think About!

This website was created as an extension of using multiple intelligences in coordination with learning styles.

Creative Lesson site     The future use: Plants in Space   An inquiry lesson using Multiple Intelligences Food with Monster-like qualities

Circuit Lessons


My Final Project:

A long long time ago, there was a young teacher searching for a class where the students were excited about learning, who were engaged, who told the stories using their senses and were able to listen to the stories and express new stories without prejudice.

The teacher searched near and far, up and down, in and out of boxes and discovered that this story can have a happy ending or should I say beginning.  The teacher decided to become one with their students and discovered MULTIPLE INTELL that students can achieve using various ways.......

I am going to develop a classroom using inquiry through multiple intelligences.  One of the first lesson I would like to engage in will be plants.  Basil Plants in space  The idea of this lesson would be what can we do with these seeds?  They will make a story to explain how these plants will take to earth's atmosphere after their journey in space as seedlings.  Using the multiple intell sheet as a guide.

One possible way we will explore is through ART:

"Art Smart" kids may enjoy:

  •  Creating charts, posters, graphs, or diagrams

  •  Creating a Web page or PowerPoint project

  •  Making a videotape or film

  •  Creating pie charts, bar graphs, etc.

  •  Making a photo album

  •  Creating a collage

  •  Making a mobile or sculpture

  •  Designing a mindmap

  •  Making a map

  •  Using color and shape

  •  Developing or using Guided Imagery

  •  Understanding Color Schemes

  •  Pretending to be someone else, or something else

Project Ideas:

  • Build a sculpture

  • Color Code a Process or Flowchart

  • Comic Strip

  • Create a bulletin board for your topic

  • Create a colorful mural

  • Create a Power Point presentation

  • Create an Animated film

  • Create a Photo Essay

  • Create a Video Production

  • Create Graphics for a Multi-Media Presentation

  • Create Costumes for a production

  • Draw illustrations

  • Draw a Map or Chart

  • Create a Comic Strip/Book

  • Outline and build a Web page

  • Make a Video or Visual Collage

  • Make a Project Cube

  • Use multi-media equipment to present info

  • Use clay to create a sculpture

  • Write a Guided Visual Imagery

  • Write a Picture Book on your topic

  • Write a Rebus Storybook

  • Other Forms


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What I have been doing

I still can not log on so I am going to send you updates via my comments.
I have been using the multiple intelligences ideas and my students made up commercials for saving the environment.

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PM Observations

All options given this afternoon were interesting.  I'm still debating on a topic for a final project.  I think I need help in how  to apply it to the Institute and the choir.  Any ideas?