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A verbal history of my access to education

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Kamila, Age 1: Sleeping without mommy, school of crying

Kamila Age 2: Potty training, school of hello kitty mini toilet seat

Kamila Age 3: Eating without getting anything on myself, school of sage old person aka grandma

Kamila Age 4:  First plane ride, school of mommy's lap

Kamila Age 5: learning english, school of mommy

Kamila Age 6: adding and subtracting, school of candy

Kamila Age 7: pretending my halloween costume didn't rip during the halloween costume parade, school of life


Kamila Age 16: How to drive, school of worried father and 

Kamila Age 17: How to pretend that I love learning about the same things we learned about on college tours,

school of senioritis.


There are many milestones missing but only because those were my VERY active years. Everyday I learned something new. As things calmed down, the learning process slowed down as well but bigger things were explored, life skills. School was my place for learning theoritical things not practical things, thus I have no major memories of it.