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Reminiscing About Lion King

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Today's talk got me thinking about The Lion King.  In that movie, Mufasa explains to his son Simba the Circle of Life.  They sing a song about it and there is a whole monologue about it, but really we, as young children, are paying more attention to the story and the flashy animation.  

This concept of energy flow is actually quite shocking to me.  Another living thing must die so that I can live.  I think that we, as humans, have made the consumption process less violent, so that we do not have to think about the death that has occured so we may have one meal.  When I see a piece of chicken, I see food, not the face of an animal that died to feed me.  

Maybe if we were confronted more often about this natural part of life we would expand our theories about who and what has rights.  Or maybe we would become more desensitized to violence.  Who knows?



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Yes I also find it shocking

Yes I also find it shocking to realize that another living thing must die so that I can live. But somehow this is just a part of the natural process, a norm of the pyramid of life. One depends on the lower level to survive. We consume chicken to feed ourselves, yet that chicken probably consumes smaller animals to survive. Then maybe if we get to know more about this we would become more desensitized to violence...

On the other hand, human consumption is somehow different to the consumption of the others. Considering Wanhong's post, human beings consuming natural resources initially for our needs, in order to survive, but have been transitioning to fulfil our wants, that is to thrive. In this way we are violating the norm that regulates life pyramid and thus disbalancing the natural world.