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Rest of the Semester!

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Global Feminism (Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, America, Middle East)

  -what is life for women like? Transgender or LGBQTIA

  -key feminists in these areas or what movements have happened here

  -is feminism inherently western?

 Religious views/ conservative views on feminism is feminism only a liberal/non-religious view?

 Women succeeding on men's terms in a man world

 Men's view of feminism how to men fit into feminism, what makes a man a feminist? 

 LGBTQIA in relation to feminism, what kinds of movements, writing by people 

 Exposure to distinct feminism 

 Autobiographies, articles in the news, watch more documentaries 

 Feminism in mass media 

Feminism in sex work

  -documentary annabel chong

  -does sex make you feminist or not?
"the rise of raunch culture" - ariel levy 


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I would be really interested

I would be really interested in learning about different feminists' views dealing with religious/conservative women and also liberal/non-religious women. I'm interested in seeing where these two differ, and perhaps we could go into some current political views from both groups of feminists.  Another group suggested talking about Palin, so if we spent a week or so on this issue perhaps we could look into her ideology. 

I also liked the idea of exploring LGBTQIA's connection with feminism. I'd like to learn about this topic starting from the 1960's going up to 2012. We could talk about the women's rights movement and gay rights movement's connections or differences in view points. 

I would like to read an autobiography and watch a documentary over the next 9 weeks, so we should incorporate those into these new topics!

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I think it is interesting

I think it is interesting touching on LGBTQIA issues as they relate to feminism--it might be cool to look at the historic relationship between the two movements, somehow. I know some pretty interesting things happened in the late 60's and early 70's between gay rights and women's rights groups of the period. That could be a pretty interesting angle to view it from (although perhaps it moves too far away from the literature focus of the course? maybe a manifesto or something from the period could bring it back a bit?)

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Women Without Men

I just watched a great feminist film set in the midst of 50s Iranian political turmoil called Women Without Men!

It deals with issues of the veil, Western influence, suicide, love and marriage, prostitution, Islam, communism, particularly following the lives of three dstinct women.  Perhaps it would fit into the Middle Eastern feminist focus.

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Boy-Wives and Female-Husbands

Here's a link to the book summary of what I was suggesting (Female-Husbands and Boy-Wives, Stephen Murray and Will Roscoe) about the existence of queerness in African ethnic groups! It's a little anthropological, but if it's anyone's interested in reading more, there's an excerpt on Amazon.


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I'm kind of wondering if,

I'm kind of wondering if, instead of autobiography, we would benefit from more fiction.