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The Stuff That Stuck

Keith Sgrillo's picture

Sorry it took a little while to get this posted, but with little league starting and getting ready for the new school year I was distracted by a few things.  But  I think what has stuck and will stay that way (at least until the story changes) is the idea that we need to listed to all sides of the story (remember we are all "climbing the same mountain just from different sides").  Even if we will not use or implement other's ideas, it is crucial that we engage and reflect upon them.  Every input has some value to us as educators and learners.  The lessons we take from them may not be ones we will use today, but may become even more relevant later on.  In particular, the openness with wich every member of this group came to the table and shared without criticism was very enlightening and provided hope that one day we will make educational decisions through a process of discussion and co-constructive converstation instead of enforced beureaucratic policy made by the few with very little educational experience.  Thanks to Paul, Will, the "interns," and all who made this experience possible.