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Curriculum Proposal

Grade 4

Teacher: Keith Sgrillo

School: Coebourn Elementary


Goals:To use the grant money to improve student learning, experiences, and assessments.


Grant Money Use:

1. To enroll the class in the math program  This site provides many opportunities for the students to challenge what they know, receive immediate and long term feedback, and rewards.

2.IXL provides both cognitive learning inscentives as well as behavioral inscentives.

3. The remainder of the money allocated will be used to refurbish school supplies such as markers, notebooks, glue, poster board, and other necessary supplies.



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The Stuff That Stuck

Sorry it took a little while to get this posted, but with little league starting and getting ready for the new school year I was distracted by a few things.  But  I think what has stuck and will stay that way (at least until the story changes) is the idea that we need to listed to all sides of the story (remember we are all "climbing the same mountain just from different sides").

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Diversity and Acceptance: Being Less Wrong

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Keith's Sudoku

Date Score Comments
 7/13  didn't finish  Was doing well on evil. Hit wrong button.  Couldn't go back
 7/14  didn't finish  Still refuse to give up on evil. Ran out of time.
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