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Keith's Sudoku

Keith Sgrillo's picture
Date Score Comments
 7/13  didn't finish  Was doing well on evil. Hit wrong button.  Couldn't go back
 7/14  didn't finish  Still refuse to give up on evil. Ran out of time.  Why can't I see these GD patterns????
 7/15  Finished evil in 43.18  Was happy I finished.  Then annoyed to see how long it took.  Double edged sword.  My ranking: Made mistakes...don't get one.  Lame!!!! I want a ranking.
 7/20  15 min  Trying this on my touch phone.  Phone does not cooperate, or maybe my fingers are too fat.  I'd rather blame the phone.  Frustrated...stopped.
 7/21    Showed Kim why the phone version was such a pain. Now playing on computer...let you know how it goes.
 7/21  45min  Playing, frustrated, Jessica helped, had 15 left, hit the 9 instead of 4 by accident. Starting over.  Don't want any errors. 
 7/21  Too Long  One mistake too many (trying to do it without any mistakes on Medium)
 7/23  55 min  completed puzzle at home, very hot in this room.  But still had mistakes and could not get comparative score.
 7/27  1 hour  burning out.  Can't sit this long and concentrate
 8/8  18:18  Played on normal.  Scored a 450.  No mistakes and WOW! In only eighteen minutes and eighteen seconds.  I was actually seeing it today:-)