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GIST Web Paper 3

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the universe as a metaphor

 We have used the universe as a metaphor for the internet. If I were to take that to as much an extreme as a non scientist can, I would say that you could relate the stars, planets, satellites, black holes, even galaxies to the many groupings of people, information, and blogs. But the structure, the internet as a thing, the wires, circuits, and waves, the hardware and software, must exist in that metaphor to fully capture the concept. To be fair, we have no way of counting the stars in our entire universe. So to be able to represent it visually, and to bring it to a level that we can better grasp, let us focus first at or galaxy, and than look to our visible sky. 

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Music and Information

A link to my webpaper:

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Facebook: A New Way to Construct Identity

Facebook: A New Way to Construct Identity

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 Riki’s representation of people with Neurotypical Syndrome fascinated me. If research is true, about 9625 out of every 10,000 individuals may be neurotypical. To see if this was really true, I begged all of my friends to fill out a survey that supposedly tells you if you are neurotypical or not. A total of 15 people, including myself, took the quiz. Of those people, every single one scored a result high enough to be considered neurotypical. I realize this quiz is no substitute for a neurotypical test given by an actual doctor, but the results from it are still an indicator of how common the syndrome is.

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Reality--Stranger Than Fiction: A Cyberpunk Distortion of Guiyu, China

"Nature has not died, it has been conquered"


Cybernetics: The science of replacing human functions with computerized ones.

Punk: Music genre from the 1970s and 1980s known for its staccato lyrics and beats.


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Technological Tension in Deaf Culture

See video

Marina Morrison

GIST 4/2/2011

When Technology Threatens Deaf Culture

See video
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The Human Cyborg

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Objectivity, Measurement and Psychiatry


“Humans are themselves natural phenomena” (Barad 336)


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Socializing in virtual world

In one of the panel discussions in gender and technology class at Bryn Mawr College, each student represented a group whose lives or work circumstances shaped, or were impacted by, an interesting intra-action of gender, information, science, and/or technology. Among the represented groups, there were several students who represented group of people existing in cyberspace. Cyberspace, which is also known as virtual world, is defined by Wikipedia as a “genre of online community that often takes the form of a computer-based simulated environment through which users can interact with one another and use and create objects.”

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TITS OR GTFO: Why Everyone, Girls Included, Should Play Video Games

 Tits or GTFO: Why Everyone, Girls Included, Should Play Video Games

            The Women & Gaming Study done in 2010 by the Lifetime network, and AETN Digital Media showed that women play online more than men (55% vs 45%), women play more frequently during the day (whereas men play for a longer duration and typically at the end of the day), and most women like to play solo (83%) [1]. Girls are gaming and their numbers are ever increasing in their use of browser games, social games (like those found on Facebook), and MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games).

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