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The Psychology of Serendip

 A collaborative project on analyzing and exploring what is learning on Serendip?

Aybala50 & I worked on this project using GoogleDocs which enabled us to edit our project simultaneously, together or apart. This format shows our progression through discovering our own interpretations of learning.

Attached is a pdf of our final project.


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Reality--Stranger Than Fiction: A Cyberpunk Distortion of Guiyu, China

"Nature has not died, it has been conquered"


Cybernetics: The science of replacing human functions with computerized ones.

Punk: Music genre from the 1970s and 1980s known for its staccato lyrics and beats.


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Pris & the Defintion of "Human"





female cyborg/human


"Human is not a fixed concept, but a construction constantly under challenge and revision" (cited in Hayles's How We Think).

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The Cyborg, the Surrogate & the Future of Gender in Robotics 


I made a Prezi for the assignment. To see the text that is relatively small, scroll your mouse over the right side of the screen and a Zoom option should appear!

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