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GIST Web Paper 2

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My Latin Mind

 In my struggle to learn the Latin Language, I tried various study materials but found myself spending too much time adjusting them to my own understandings and connections. 

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Grace Hopper, Builder of Cyborgs

Grace Hopper is perhaps the most well-known pioneering figure in computer science. She coded the first compiler and is known as the “grandmother of Cobol.”[i] Her vision and drive helped spur computer innovation farther than was thought possible, and led to technologies that even she could not foresee. Her ideal of making computer use easier and more intuitive to humans was carried farther than she could have imagined by technologies like those Andy Clark speaks of in Natural Born Cyborgs.

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Recreating a performance art piece, just for fun

instructions for the pieceinstructions for the piece

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Emily Balch in the 21st Century: The Influence of Facebook in a New Era


 Hillary Godwin

March 3, 2011


 Emily Balch in the 21st Century:
The Influence of Facebook in a New Era


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Batwoman vs. GIST

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The Encrypted Life of Astrid Farnsworth

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Creation or Critique


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Technology: Muggle Magic



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Are you Ready?: A Day in the Life of Renee Montoya, aka The Question.

Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, is a vigilante determine to bring justice to Gotham, a justice-less city. He has the his parents fortune and company backing him, and so has access to the newest and best technology before it's on the market. The same company and money help hide his vigilante work.

As a woman, Renee Montoya, aka the Question, does things differently. If Montoya wants to lead a successful double life, she has to use different methods to cover her tracks: she has to live life as a woman. This is a story of a day in her life (specifically, a day when she is working the Soliz case of the Dark Detective series).


Background Information


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Our Minds Were Made for Mergers

Our Minds Were Made for Mergers// an exploration of what it means to be human and cyborg using Ghost in the Shell, Beyond Human, and Andy Clark

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