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Reading Like a Computer

This is an analysis of a project I did for my class Intro to Data Structures. This analysis is supposed to examine the ways in which computer reading and processing of information is different from human reading and processing of information.

I will be examining three components of the game: the game file I created, which contains simply formatted information about the different aspects of the particular game; the game engine, which takes information out of any game file, processes it, and presents it as a game; and the way the game presents itself to and is used by the player. I have included Wordles of each of these components, as well as sample screenshots of the text, in order to help the reader understand them.

The Wordle of the game file:

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Grace Hopper, Builder of Cyborgs

Grace Hopper is perhaps the most well-known pioneering figure in computer science. She coded the first compiler and is known as the “grandmother of Cobol.”[i] Her vision and drive helped spur computer innovation farther than was thought possible, and led to technologies that even she could not foresee. Her ideal of making computer use easier and more intuitive to humans was carried farther than she could have imagined by technologies like those Andy Clark speaks of in Natural Born Cyborgs.

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Sneak Attack!

The bulk of my final can be found on this website which I put together.
The basic purpose of this is to reach the teens who aren't being reached.
Since I am using free web hosting, I cannot put the flier directly on the site for download. However, I will email it to anyone who requests it via the email on the site.
The next step of this project would be to flesh out the site (add actual forums, more information, more links, and a recommended reading list) and advertise it. It would also be nice to find funding so it could have a domain name and better hosting. I am considering carrying out this project at my home high school.
The flier would look something like this:

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Working with Gay Youth

What is the gay rights movement doing that isn't working (especially as it relates to teens) and what can we do to fix it?

For this I will work with these sources:
Kate Bornstein's Hello, Cruel World

The Battle Over Gay Teens

Coming Out, Coming In by Linda Goldman

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Gaze of Another (Sometimes Me)

I remember.

I read.

I think?

The space through which you move comfortably without a thought, skirting the coffee table there, slipping sideways behind that chair to reach for a novel on the fifth shelf of the bookcase, looms with obstacles for me. And although I do not expect you to reconstruct it to permit me access, a number of problems could have been eliminated in the original design.

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Last time I wrote, I spoke mainly about my experiences in high school as well as a little about my first semester of college. However, I would now like to update this story to the present and then look into the future. I am going to look at what I know about gender and sexuality, try to look at what I don’t know, and then propose what and how I would like to learn more about gender and sexuality.

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