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GAS Works Web Paper 5

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Constructing Identity: A Collage

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Four Color Issues

(This paper is made up of my own thoughts intercepted with the words of various other comics fans.)

“The idea of the female consumer is elusive and mystical. it's like the white unicorn of the comics industry. They're just clueless about what female readers want.”
- L, former assistant editor at Marvel Comics

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“It’s Okay…” Campaign: Now what?


290 Interdisc. Gen/Sex

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Goodbye, Bi-Co...Hello World!

To exist outside of the Bi-Co bubble (link)
As I walked into Rittenhouse square, I was nervous and excited. But mostly nervous. I knew what my goal was. I had a purpose. But the idea of approaching random people on the street, of disturbing their time to answer my questions, was daunting. Would if no one will talk to me? Would if no one wants to answer my questions? Would if I’m too scared to actually approach anyone?
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“It’s Okay…” Campaign: Findings


290 Interdisc. Gen/Sex

Professors Dalke & Lindgren

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Final Project: A Whole New World


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The History of Women's Studies

The History of Women's Studies

"...When we speak of the ‘evolution’ of Women’s Studies, it is important to emphasize that this is a multifaceted process. Women’s Studies has differed widely over time, and across identities, disciplines, and institutions.”

-Alice Ginsberg


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