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Goodbye, Bi-Co...Hello World!

To exist outside of the Bi-Co bubble (link)
As I walked into Rittenhouse square, I was nervous and excited. But mostly nervous. I knew what my goal was. I had a purpose. But the idea of approaching random people on the street, of disturbing their time to answer my questions, was daunting. Would if no one will talk to me? Would if no one wants to answer my questions? Would if I’m too scared to actually approach anyone?
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Identity: An Experiment Outside of Academia


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With Eyes Closed

 (I'm going to use skindeep's idea and recommend that you listen to this while you read my paper) 
Open your eyes. Really, open them. I’m not just talking about eyelids parted and eyelashes blinking, but about examining the world around you. What do you see? Probably people of different color, gender, age wearing a wide range of clothing styles- jeans, t-shirts, dresses, scarves…I’m sure you see it all. But, what you do see is not the issue I’m most concerned with.
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Speechless: Language, Gender, and Sexuality


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Alice and Education (the sound/image accompanying my paper)

Meet Alice. Alice grows up in a single-parent environment, suffering emotional hardships but aware of her life’s material benefits. She knows that she has been given the resources and the opportunities to succeed in life and will not be happy with anything but the utmost success. “If I don’t do well on every quiz, test, paper, or discussion,” she thinks, “I will have failed and disappointed.”

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