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GAS Works Web Paper 3

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Hear No Evil: Choosing Deaf

                                                                                  Asia Gobourne
                                         GNST 290: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender & Sexuality

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Putting an end to limiting physical world-views.

Putting an end to limiting physical world-views.


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Commodification and the Status Game

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I Can, but I Can't

Every word I type is painful. None of it is good enough. I will never prove myself as an academic, as a writer, a thinker. Cross out the last sentence. Cross out all of it. Back space back space, hold down the key. Erase it all. I never thought these things. If anyone sees my thoughts, undressed, as it were, on the page, what on earth would they think? Would they look at me and shake their heads, think look at all that wasted potential, think what is she doing here?, think is she serious? I can never be fully serious when I commit words to paper. They start going down when I have just enough time left on the clock to finish before the time limit is up. Paper is due on Friday. No specific time stated. Sent at 11:58 PM, Friday night.

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So Began My Obsession with Crip Art

 Day 15 “On Seeing (and not seeing) Disability." I was so excited to be given the opportunity look fully at disability, to stare. Not in a degrading way, but almost in wonder. Crip Art can possess a certain raw and vulnerable beauty that I haven’t been effected by as fully in other forms. As nice and politically correct as it would be to say Crip Art is just like other forms of art with “just people” as the subjects, it would be false. The disability adds to the art for me. I get a sense of strength, defiance and agency that is really striking to me.

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The Frustration of Menstruation

Why did I decide to write a paper about menstruation?

The answer to that question is fairly easy, the rest is not.


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The Freak Show

“This is my selfish pleasure, to watch unseen” (Oly, Geek Love)

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A Case Study of Disabled Superheroes

 A Case Study on Disabled Superheroes

For every disabled person living an unremarkable, everyday life you see in the media, you’ll see at least three disabled people with superpowers. The popularity of the supercrip archetype, whether created through careful media positioning of disabled athletes and personalities, is also visible in the world of popular culture - specifically, mainstream comics. While graphic novels have dealt into emotionally complicated territory with their depiction of various disabilities and life circumstances, superhero comics have really taken up the “supercrip” - the disabled superhero or heroine, as a money-maker and cultural tool. 

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