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GAS Works Web Paper 3

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Walking Sticks and Stones

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Gaze of Another (Sometimes Me)

I remember.

I read.

I think?

The space through which you move comfortably without a thought, skirting the coffee table there, slipping sideways behind that chair to reach for a novel on the fifth shelf of the bookcase, looms with obstacles for me. And although I do not expect you to reconstruct it to permit me access, a number of problems could have been eliminated in the original design.

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With Eyes Closed

 (I'm going to use skindeep's idea and recommend that you listen to this while you read my paper) 
Open your eyes. Really, open them. I’m not just talking about eyelids parted and eyelashes blinking, but about examining the world around you. What do you see? Probably people of different color, gender, age wearing a wide range of clothing styles- jeans, t-shirts, dresses, scarves…I’m sure you see it all. But, what you do see is not the issue I’m most concerned with.
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There is NO such thing as a Norm!




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    Why is it that being disabled like being a man or a women means that there are no gray areas, but simply black and white? Why must one be ostracized from the categories that entail the so called norms of society because they do not fit into them clearly? I think that society has grown up around this idea that any disability in which the individual body or gender does not coincide with the norm, is not correct; that it is not proper and standard and therefore should not be accepted. This concept of a norm has been so engrained into our way of being, that we even construct categories out of norms, and we subsequently create more and more outsiders.  

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breaking out of conversation

            I’m in Philadelphia, ignoring my boyfriend because I have too much on my mind. I’m thinking about which issues of disability require my attention the most, when I don’t even know where I stand on them yet. We’re walking down 19th street to Fairmount and I’m just quiet. There was a moment a few blocks behind us when I tried to speak out of the panicked energy of my mind, but my mind was more like a vortex and I couldn’t pull much out of it at the time.

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Deaf Pride



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The Cure - Who Wants One? Anyone?

“Should I tattoo my scar? What would it say?” – Marilyn Hacker
It is strange to know that some day your body might kill you.
My grandmother has had both of her breasts removed: one before I was born, and one was removed just two years ago. I was with her at the doctor’s appointment when they found the lump. I was in the waiting room when they removed her breast and the lymph nodes near her chest.
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