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The Mannest of Men in a Man's World

Let’s start from the beginning.
This is the

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How to Be a Real Man. A Manly Man.

Gender & Sexuality Project: How to Be a Real Boy, Man, Manly Man, Masculine…
Notes and Thought Formations, some of the issues I wish to address:
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breaking out of conversation

            I’m in Philadelphia, ignoring my boyfriend because I have too much on my mind. I’m thinking about which issues of disability require my attention the most, when I don’t even know where I stand on them yet. We’re walking down 19th street to Fairmount and I’m just quiet. There was a moment a few blocks behind us when I tried to speak out of the panicked energy of my mind, but my mind was more like a vortex and I couldn’t pull much out of it at the time.

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The Great Quest for the (Whole) Human Race

 (Figure 1)

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You can't put your behind in the past


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