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GAS Works Web Paper 4

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You’re Nothing like Your Mother except You Are

                                                                           Asia Gobourne
                                                             Due: Friday, December 4, 2009

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Working with Gay Youth

What is the gay rights movement doing that isn't working (especially as it relates to teens) and what can we do to fix it?

For this I will work with these sources:
Kate Bornstein's Hello, Cruel World

The Battle Over Gay Teens

Coming Out, Coming In by Linda Goldman

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Queering Your Identity, a film.

Heather Olson
Final Project Proposal
Queering Your Identity, a Film
    For my concluding project in this Gender and Sexuality class I want to explore the concept of queer identity.  What does is mean to be queer? And how does our identity alter the way we experience the world.  Using the idea that gender and/or other identities like disabled is a "construction" I am going to present an experience of the world that is constructed to represent transitive identity.  What would it be like to live embodied as a transitive character? Is there anything that makes us not queer besides a desire to be normal?  
First I want to explain what my definition queer identity is:

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Who Are We? And Why Do We Care?

Who Are We? And Why Do We Care?

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The Way They Are


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Where I End and You Begin



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final project proposal

 Final Project Proposal

When I was in middle school, I started to read comics. It’s a habit I’ve kept up pretty inconsistently since then, in terms of actually going into the store and purchasing them, but it’s never been one I’ve felt ashamed of or wanted to stop. There’s something about the highly stylized, totally absurd world of superheroes that has always appealed to me - the way their stories are able to tackle issues using fantastical allegories and storytelling tricks that wouldn’t be acceptable in “real literature”. 

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What Have I Learned?

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How to Be a Real Man. A Manly Man.

Gender & Sexuality Project: How to Be a Real Boy, Man, Manly Man, Masculine…
Notes and Thought Formations, some of the issues I wish to address:
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