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GAS Works Web Paper 4

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Identity: An Experiment Outside of Academia


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Proposal! help!

    I plan on doing an online journal made of letters in which I use pictures , related to one reading, one movie, and an outside talk that I went to see, that revolve around women and the struggle/ fight against the negative view enforced upon us as inferior. My main focus will be sex work and feminism’s and society’s perception of it as oppressive and demeaning.  I plan on having a section on Bryn Mawr people and their thoughts on the sex industry. Another section will include quotes from my different sources and  small journal entries of my thoughts. My ultimate goal is to develop a collage of opinions and beliefs that illustrate the abundance of diversity in the world.

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why does it matter?

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why do we have to be in control?


She sat absolutely still.

Poised but with tense feet. Aware.

Artistic but with controlled muscles. She's being watched.

Graceful but with her hands supporting her head. Support.

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Set Design Queered

I found the brainstorming exercise we did on Day 24 to be very helpful. I knew that the single most engaging thing for me in this course was the paper I wrote on Crip-Art. I began asking why I enjoyed it so much. Was it the topic? Was it the written format? Was it that I got to synthesize my passion for art with the class material? I decided that was the part that was most exciting to me. During class, I also had the opportunity of having a sort of mini conference with Professor Dalke. I spoke to her about my idea of taking a play that involved topics of gender, sexuality, or disability and doing a set design for an Act of this play.
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End Binary Sex Categories

What would life be like if we had more options? Some diversity in terms of gender and sexuality is understood. Gender is, in many ways, just a social construct, so expanding the concept of gender outside of the gender binary seems relatively possible. If humans created it, they should be capable of changing it, right? And a multiplicity of genders logically leads to a multiplicity of sexualities: It seems silly to say that sexuality is limited to women or men who are interested in either women, men, or both women and men, when we recognize that gender is not limited merely to women and men.

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